DWI Extreme Series
Best Progressive House Mix 2013 Vol. #5

Premiering September 29, 2013
DWI Extreme presents Best Progressive House Mix 2013 Vol. #5

Premiere Info

After almost one year of hiatus, to celebrate DWI Extreme passing through its 9th year of releasing simfiles, DWI Extreme is returned with a brand new simfile - a megamix of over 45 minutes of joy and relaxation!

Main Releasing Locations

DWI Extreme Official Website (dwiextreme.com)

Megamix Duration

48 minutes, 45 seconds

Download Size
DWI Extreme presents Best Progressive House Mix 2013 Vol. #5 from DWIExtreme.com 72.8 MB
Song Title Artist BPM
Innerspace (Dan & Sam Club Mix) Gregory Esayan 128
Valencia (Original Mix) Vitodito 128
Las Palmas (Original Mix) Proglifter 128
Summer Breeze (Talamanca Remix) Alexander Byrka & Bianco Soleil 128
Lucarno (Original Mix) Dave Horne 127
Falling Leaves (Original Mix) Blue Harvest 126
Lost World (Original Mix) IN5UM 125
Time Flies By (James Woods Remix) Roald Velden 125
Evolution (Original Mix) Peter Illias 125
Breath of Air (Roald Velden Remix) AKI Amano 125
Skyline (Original Mix) Labtracks 125
Blossom (Original Mix) Mindset 124
It Just Won't Quit (Original Mix) Dinka 124
Planetarium (Original Mix) Mizar B 124

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